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Thursday, October 29, 2009


all ting is over ~~ mii n he ~~ game over ~~~ dun knw y ~~~~~~~ i jz .. feel bit of sad ~~ but nt much ~~~~~ mb .. im nt so love him n he oso din love mii so funny he say he love mii n wil never let off mii all is lie lying y the boy alwiz hurt the girl ? y mii alwiz get hurt ? izit i'm nt deserve to hv love ? haizx nw wat i can do ? mb i should forget everyting ~~~ all about the love hurt ~~~ all about the bad guys ~~~~~~ mb i should live alone for the long life i duno~ jz let the God make the decision~~~ but one ting i wil do is hapi every day hapi every moment hapi every second dun let who cares to worry about mii so michiyo GAMBATEH !!!

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