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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

♥11/10/2011 - simple update again♥

hello guys !
i coming XD
today is 11/10/2011
yesterday was 10/10/2011
both also pretty number =D
may i write in english for this post ? XD
hmmmm o.O 

saturday night (08/10/2011)
had a simple gathering with my cuties =)
it's so hard that both of us was at kuantan and free and i can go out in night =0
yummy and gienie
she wants to cium yummy 

michiyo and yummy
her hair covered me =_______=
but nevermind larh
i seldom take picture with them actually XD
i'm so self-fish geh =P
and now i just found that ... i didn't take photo with gienie ~____~
next time next time XD
it's a great night with them ...
gossip here gossip there gossip everywhere XD
laugh like nobody , but all is our real smile ` real laugh ^_^
i love to go out with them
no stress but laugh like rude girl =0
no sad but crazy like the crazies XD
anyway , i appreciate the God is giving me two of you
M = michiyo
Y = yummy
G = gienie
always stick together no matter good or bad
I Love You YG
thanks hubby for send me back home ^_^
Love you too *wink

the day before yesterday XD (09/10/2011)
there was a beauty lady fair at megamall
moutain people moutain sea XD
meet cousin jing at there then gai gai with her
we go cheong K =D

with her
 we are sweet ` yes i know ~!XD
 after that she wants to go back already then i go meet my family ~
and my daddy told me that he saw gienie just now O.O
and i feel weird ... cause that day she told she will go KL today and daddy said he saw her O.O
then direct call her XD
yes ... she's at megamall and i go meet her =D
after that she's waiting for painting her nail and i 38 wanna paint too XD
my nail now become like this
please don't look at my fat leg okay =\
leng mou !!!?
i love it so much actually
pink colour make me looks so white =D
i also going to try a dress ...
i like last time that one =3
then turn auntie's show time we don't want watch 
then go having dinner 
MCD family dinner box
what can i say just ... i really love MCD so much ^_^
then then go back for show again O.O
whole day stay at megamall LOL
bravo ~!
here is my photo show XD
too brightness OMG

that day ....
i tied my hair to work =)
nice ?
planning for tied it again when i work at ECM on this saturday XD

wow ~!
actually yesterday i already posted it =3=
but don't know why the stupid line is just sooooo lag =\
so updated on today larh XD *wink
hope you guys understand what i am writing for =(

I love you __________Kenji

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