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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

♥17/05/2011 - wesak day♥

hello peoples ~!
i'm coming to updated my blog =)
am i so good ?
hahaha ~!

this time use english to write my post ~ can ?
must be so many wrong words =________________=
so i campur larh harh XD
hope you all won't mind it =)

today is wesak day no need work XD
so just now hanging out with my hubby , my friend liz and my hubby friend - patrick
go mega first , for what ? not for bowling this time XD
but is capcom XD
i want play the gun game but i'm not so hebat larh
so i wanna hubby teach me the way to play XD
when reach mega , liz and i go ms garden hi-tea XD
boh bian ~ she's breakfast just eat a bun only O____________O
so i bring her go there eat , plus she never go before 
so , on ~!
after that , i go cut my hair =3=
my hair is like " give dog bite " so ugly =3=
so go trim trim XD
finish , then straight go capcom XD
wait hubby and his friend .... that patrick harh ~
follow me =3=
i cut hair he also cut ~ cheh ~! =P
and then start our game ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then skip skip skip =P
after that we go ecm to watch movie =)
we watch " priest "

what's i can said was ... it's so stimulation so gan jiong ~
but i like " thor " and that what " los angelas " =3= 
finish movie
capture with hubby in fitting room =X
enjoy the picture yarh XD

now mine turn XD

ok finish XD
oh yar ~!
yesterday night i was give my nails a new colour =D

hubby said looks like pink colour =X
this is peach colour larh =3=
haiyor ~!
yesterday my lens reach already ~!
oh happy when i saw them =)
i buy 2 pairs ~

this is grey colour

this is brown colour

brown colour effect :

ok =____________=
just ignore my eye bag and mention on the lens =3=
the lens is great , right ?
i like it so much ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thiankew seller =)

before back home ~
i go buy KFC ~!
i get the order from my mom =3= 
so i have to buy =\
and then .........
finally ......................

i buy angry bird already ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
super happy =D

ok ~
RM 9.90 
erm not so expensive larh hor ?
happy happy =)
after i bought it , i keep jump infront hubby and said : i buy angry bird already
he just give me this respond : =_________=
and patrick just keep laugh on me =3=
and liz : ...................
ok i know i'm so active =3=
but don't blame me , ok ?
this is my style XD
but hor , i just act active infront my hubby only =P
the other's , no chance , or if you're close with me , maybe you will get it XD
hubby said : domo more cute than angry bird 
and then he act like domo 
open the mouth big big LOL
domo is cute , but i love angry bird =)

today was a happy day for me =)
and how about you , you , you and you ?

i want buy angry birds that gandung on phone geh XD
happy ^_^
that's all for today =)
bed time reach ~!
good night , my friends 

i hope you all understand what i'm writing about T^T
because my english is really bad =(


  1. .....唉...我的人像在那里??一个也没伤心鸟...liz

  2. lol sohpoh your english all give back to Mr.See already ? xD

  3. [liz] 什麼jiek =3=
    [lao po] LOL ya werh =3= hahahahahahahahahaha